Christenings & Weddings

To book a baptism come along to Parish Office in church (6.30pm every Wednesday).  Baptisms take place during the 10am service on the first Sunday of the month and 11.30am after the service on the second Sunday of the month.  Arrangements for this will be explained when you book. 

There is no charge for baptisms but if you wish to make a donation this can put into the collection during the service. 

To book a wedding at St Barnabas both parties must come to Parish Office in church (6.30pm every Wednesday) and complete the necessary documentation  (if you don't live in the parish but have some connection with St Barnabas this should not be a problem).

There is a set legal fee plus various optional extras which will be explained at the booking - fees are payable at the time of rehearsal but some couples choose to pay off by instalments.  About three months before the wedding the couple will see the vicar to discuss the service (deciding hymns, readings, etc).

To arrange to have banns read both parties need to come to Parish Office in church (6.30pm every Wednesday) to complete the necessary forms.  Banns are read during the 10am service on the first 3 Sundays in the month before the wedding and banns certificates can be collected from the Church Office on a Wednesday following this.

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