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Sue Martyr: July 2021

St Barnabas with Christ Church would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the excellent work which Sue has done in the Tolladine area and the generous friendship she has offered in her role as Tolladine Missioner.  She has supported the community in so many ways. We celebrate this work and we are very thankful for the time Sue could give.  

As a resident of Tolladine and before she took on the job as Missioner, it was part of Sue’s ministry to see the community helping itself. Sue’s message was always about wanting to energise and motivate and call people to action, to help each other and serve each other. 


Sue worked in the name of the Church; funded by  the National Church to be used effectively for the benefit of the Tolladine area.   It is sad and challenging now to face the reality that the fund which paid her salary and her rent in the Mission House, has come to an end. But the church and its wide ranging work is still here, as well as its caring and committed volunteers. The work of supporting the people of Tolladine remains really important to us all.


However, as with any change in church officers, there is going to be an in between stage of planning & looking forward to what comes next & what is new.


An independent charity called The Tolladine Mission CIO  is meeting to discuss and decide on future plans. This involves how money can be raised, finding the right people, and what we are able to provide, to continue to make a difference.  One of the areas it is looking at is to do with housing and skills. This requires some commitment over a period of time to set up and get right.  Watch this space!


In the meantime we remain inspired by Sue’s legacy as Tolladine Missioner, helping the community to help itself.  

Thank you Sue!!

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Our Churchwardenss are pictured here with Julieann:  Rachel (left) and Mary (right).


Parish Safeguarding Representative (PSR/PSO) As a retired teacher and having completed all the necessary training I have much experience in this field. 

If you are concerned about anything or anyone to do with safeguarding please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.


Judy and Chris

We are life members of the National Trust, English Heritage and the R.S.P.B. Locally we support the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and The Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre near Tewkesbury.


Our concern for the future of our world and the wildlife that lives alongside ourselves has led us over a number of years to consider waste and how to repair, reuse or recycle as many resources as possible.


We are pleased to be Eco Reps for St. Barnabas Church and its community.